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Oh, just a note on the cats and rats. A year after our 17 year old cat, oh, what a cat, that cat, died our property was OVERRUN by rats. Crazy amounts.

We didn't realize what a simply faboo job of keeping them in check she was doing. Job well done by our old fart of a cat. Had I known, I'd have given her an extra scritchin' she loved so much. Keep the cat.

Keep the happy, too.



It makes me happy to read that you are happy. Post, don't post...just stay happy.


I very much understand this. For the past 3 months I have been well, as close to normal as I imagine normal might be. And my writing? Non-existent. Not that I don't still love to write, just that I don't entirely know what to write about...and also kind of not feeling it these days. I'm okay with that, it will come when it comes, and I'd much rather be happy and healthy.

Wishing you tons of happiness, and a smooth transition back into writing.


"I don't know how to write happy" makes total sense to me too! My blog goes dead quiet when I'm happy; funny thing, that. Not a bad thing, though... I'll take the happy any day!

Very glad to know you are happy.

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