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I saw you posted that you were at a marathon that day and silently prayed for you to do well. Your enthusiasm here just told me that you got what you needed. May you always, Jess. May you always.

I'm so proud of you.



Congratulations. So very well done.



That is just fabulous! I'm so happy for you! :)


I know I'm a nerd, but reading that made we want to cry. Congratulations!

Kat C

awesome Jess, just awesome.

Dorit Ansari

How absolutely wonderful, I am so proud of you!
Congratulations, amazing accomplishment.

your Minnesota friend

Carla Goodrich

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I recently found you..and read all of your blog entries...we totally share a birthday and all the issues you have been through, me too! WE also are attracted to ALL of the same music...Bright Eyes has gotten me through everything. And, NOW! I am hooked on THE NATIONAL~ thank YOU very much!!!! They should pay you comission! And, Shane! He should make more videos...you can so totally see the love in his eyes for you! It makes me cry every time...on that...this is the last time! Better be! Is all I have to say to that guy...LOL I love it how you just hop out of the car and take off and don't even look back. Bless your heart! xxooxx And, way to go on the half marathon...I've always wanted to run...but just haven't gotten. This year I AM doing it thanks to YOU and BHJ...I'll let you know how it goes. I have cousins round about where you live...some day I'll come visit and take a run;) and we can share some yummy wine. Please can you list YOUR fav NATIONAL songs....I am an LA native...so THE FAKE EMPIRE is my fav at the mo...and still lookin' for a lil' something to put in my lemonade. xxooxx. have a great birthday! SEE you on the other side. The internet is great for these things, yes?!!! love you. CARLA P.S. So glad you are still here....and me, too! I've attempted the suicide a few times over, too. hang in there:) And, yeah, drink some wine w/Shane for me, too. What do you guys like???????! do tell :) muah!


So very happy for, and proud of you Jess. Well done.


Thank you so much everyone! It was such an amazing day. I know running isn't for everybody, but it has brought me so much emotional health. I'm so glad that the internet inspired me to run!

And Carla... Hi!

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