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When I hurt myself running several years ago, I had to resign myself to the fact that my body is not built to run six days a week. Right now I run three days a week. A moderately paced 30 minute run on Mondays, intervals on Wednesdays, and a long, slow distance run for an hour on Fridays. My body just has to have that day in between to rest. There's no shame in that. I bet I'm in better shape than most 41 year olds!


That really sucks. :(


I empathize. Completely. I went through early menopause last year and thought I was losing my mind. The only thing that provided any relief: running. Which was insane, because I hated running all my life. But it was the only thing that could calm my racing heart and mind. I hurt my knee then fought back from that injury and signed up for a half marathon. I was cruising along with the training, ticking off workouts and feeling AWESOME until I injured my heels and couldn't walk without a profound limp for three weeks. I can walk again without the gimp but the pain persists. I haven't run in months and months and, obviously, I didn't do my race. In short: it sucks! And I get you. I totally get you.


The only other thing I can think of to suggest is trying to figure out what it is that you love about running (exhertion? being outside?) and then find a way to get that without the part that is damaging you... maybe run on an elliptical, or switch to biking, or climbing, hiking, etc.

Until your legs actually fall off of your body, there are other things you can try.


I am so sorry. I sort of understand because when I run, I feel so alive and wonder why I stop and get lazy and then end up crying in the shower and taking pills.
Don't give up! =)

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