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Congrats on your first official race! The fact that you did so well only 2 days after doing 11 miles, well, just wow! And you can smile afterward too...it sounds wonderful. Except for that hill. I could skip that part.

And don't get any big ideas about not tapering before your half. I'll have to read you the riot act if I see big numbers on dailymile after Oct 3. ;)


Congratulations for a spectacular job! :)


ha, look at you holding water like an athlete! well done.

jess howard

Thanks Bill! Don't worry i've got my taper planned! Learned a lesson in moderation last week!

jess howard

Jeremy - i'm doing a pretty good job impersonating an athlete!


congrats! so your first race ever and you did a 10K? good for you. I only did a 5k for my first race. how did you train?

jess howard

jen, i just started running! Lately i've been using dailymile.com to motivate me and learn how to train properly.


I like the big grin before, and at the end. Well done Jess. I'd have been bawling halfway up the hill...that is, if I ran...which I don't...but I could totally man one of the water stations.

You are going to rock the half marathon. I'll have to come out and cheer you on.



You're accomplishment gives me goosebumps!!



That's amazing..I am so inspired. Unable to do a 5 K right now, I definitely want to run a 10k someday. Maybe in time for the TC10K? Wish me luck!

jess howard

Jess! It would be awesome to see you at the race...

Thanks Cindy, for everything.

Natasha, i will be doing the TC1ok for sure. I always wonder if you are driving by me when i'm running around here!


Great job! Remember, eat to run, run to eat!


Well done, Jess. :)


Wow, awesome job lady! 6th in your age category is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Proud.

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